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Octubristas for the Rejection We must Reject with the Null Vote and a New Outburst!

Actualizado: 2 sept 2022

Marxism and Collapse - Statements

Reject with the Null Vote and a New Outburst of the People!

Octubrists for Rejection

No to the Trash Constitution!

No to the Constitution of the Concertación 2.0!

-Declaration for a New People's Outburst



Reject with the Null Vote and a New Outburst of the People!

The proposed new constitution is not what the people demanded in October 2019

It is a constitution that enshrines neoliberalism!

It is a new Concertacionist monstrosity that leaves intact the pillars of the neoliberal model imposed by Pinochet and administered in recent decades by the Concertacion and the Right!

This constitution is the product of the betrayal of the November 15, 2019 "Peace Accord" to the popular sectors!

It is the result of the betrayal of the Constitutional Convention to the political prisoners of the outbreak, of the lies of the current neoliberal government of Boric and its repressive policies to social movements and indigenous peoples, of the abandonment of the feminist movement and the LGBT lobby to the demands of October!

This constitution is another deception of the powerful!

The new neoliberal political elites represented by the Boric government, their political parties (RD, CS, Comunes) and some of their organizations in the field of academia and social movements such as, among others, the Nodo XXI and SOL Foundations, the former Lista del Pueblo, the Movilh, the Coordinadora 8M, the magazines De Frente, ROSA or Actuel Marx.... seek with this constitution not only to finish expropriating politically the social outburst that allowed these rats to reach the government, but at the same time, to set the conditions for a new project of

"neoliberal stability" in Chile.

The frenteamplista rats and their feminist and academic allies seek to begin to replicate the same neoliberal project of the Concertación, although this time facing the new needs of capitalist accumulation in the new national context, arising after the outbreak of October 2019. That is to say, in a historical context marked not only by the growing decomposition of the pillars of Chilean capitalist political domination, but also by the advance of a series of long-term crises that, such as the ecological, water or resource crisis, threaten during the coming decades to call into question the very viability of the Chilean State. In other words, they raise the possibility of the collapse of Chile as a modern nation-state.

Let's not allow the Frenteamplista Neo-concertation to get away with this!

No to the Trash Constitution!

No to the Constitution of the Concertación 2.0!

Neither Pinochetist Right nor Progressive Left!

No confidence in the Frenteamplista Neo-concertation!

Feminism and LGBT fads are instruments of the bourgeoisie!

People of Chile!

Before the September 4 plebiscite:

Reject with the Null Vote and a New Outburst!

For a Popular Constituent Assembly defended by a People's Army!

-Declaration for a New People's Outburst


August 3, 2022

Marxism and Collapse (Chile)


Marxismo y Colapso takes part in the call to vote null in the upcoming September 4 elections in Chile, promoted by some referents of the left and social movements in that country, such as

Gustavo Burgos (El Porteño), Ariel Zuñiga (El Estallido), Leo Piagneri (Journalist-Musician), Fuerza Pobladora de Chile (FP), Colectivos de Trabajadores (CCTT), Referente Político Social (RPS) and Radio Guillotina,

among others.

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