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Marxism and Collapse on Patreon! / Marxismo y Colapso en Patreon! / Join us!

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Marxism and Collapse - Networks

Marxism and Collapse - Patreon

Join and collaborate with the Theoretical Revolution!


-Sections of Digital and Printed Books (Coming Soon)

You will be able to get them in digital or printed version, with worldwide shipping via major platforms

-Sections of Articles, Essays, and Theoretical Diagrams

With exclusive access to previews from the authors

-Sections of Art, Music, and Poetry

With guest artists from different parts of the world


-Marxism and Collapse (Patreon)


Upcoming Publications

-Manifesto of Collapsist Marxism (Theory)

The birth of a new revolutionary theoretical current

(Digital and printed book / Spanish / English)

-Introduction to Collapsist Marxism (Theory)

(Digital and printed book / Spanish / English)

-The Death of Putin (International)

Around the national liberation struggle of the Ukrainian people

(Digital and printed book / Spanish / English)

-Visual Galleries (Art)

Carnaval Saturnino

Featuring creations by the invited Chilean-Argentinian artist Juan Meza Gentoso

(Digital book / Spanish)

-Visual Galleries (Art)


With the invited Ukrainian artist Anastasiia Godunova

(Digital book / English)

-All financial contributions on Patreon will be used to enhance our publishing projects and our international dissemination networks


Collaborate with the Theoretical Revolution!

Join Marxism and Collapse!

Join the New Marxism!

-Marxism and Collapse (Patreon)

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