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Noam Chomsky vs. Marxist Collapse Debate! Exclusive: Part One English version (Reading)

Actualizado: 26 nov 2022

Marxism and Collapse - Polemics

Paper: Noam Chomsky versus Collapsive Marxism (Climate Catastrophe, Collapse, Democracy and Socialism) / Noam Chomsky, Miguel Fuentes and Guy McPherson

-Link (Debate):

-Presentation of the Chomsky-Fuentes-McPherson debate by academician Victor Jeifets of St. Petersburg University:


-Complementary materials

1-Ecosocialism, Degrowth and Collapsive Marxism. A Polemic with Michael Lowy


2-The danger of eco-suicide as a strategic problem for the left - Interview with M. Lowy


3-Theoretical Betrayal of Argentinean Trotskyism in the Face of Ecological Crisis and Collapse


4-Stories from the War - Collapsing Marxism in the Ukraine War


5-For the Victory of the Oppressed People-Nation of Ukraine against Invasion (Statement)


6-Marxism and Collapse - Web Presentation


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