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Stories from the war in Ukraine - Miguel Fuentes from Kiev (2)

Actualizado: 26 nov 2022

Marxism and Collapse - Narrations

For the Victory of the Oppressed People-Nation of Ukraine against Invasion!

Claiming military victory for Ukraine in the face of the current War of National Aggression and Oppression is the first step in any socialist policy.

-Relatos, reflexiones y narraciones desde la Guerra de Ucrania por Miguel Fuentes (Referente intelectual de "Marxismo y Colapso") - Listado de materiales en actualización permanente

-Statements and polemics of Marxist organisations on the current war in Ukraine, which we partially agree with:

1. For the defeat of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine (LIT-CI)!

2-Putin's invasion of Ukraine / Controversy with PTS and PO (UIT-CI)

3-Why doesn't the Argentinean FITU speak out in favour of Ukraine (New PSTU)?


-The first part of the series "Stories from the Ukrainian War - Miguel Fuentes from Kiev", can be found at the following link:


-Statements from Kiev

(Period March 17 / February 26)

1-Miguel Fuentes from the Battle of Kiev vindicates the Chilean Ultra-Left and denounces the neo-liberal character of the Boric government and the Neo-Concertationist intelligentsia / March 17

2-Miguel Fuentes from the Battle of Kiev. The Decisive Moment / March 11

"The crucial moment of the Battle of Kiev is approaching! Kiev will be the tomb of the invaders! The people are ready at every corner of the capital to sweep away the invaders! For the victory of the oppressed People-Nation of Ukraine!"

3-Miguel Fuentes from the Battle of Kiev. Kiev will be the tomb of the invaders / March 11

"The decisive moment of the Battle of Kiev is at hand! Kiev will be the tomb of the invaders! For the victory of the oppressed People Nation of Ukraine!"

4-Miguel Fuentes from the Battle of Kiev. For the victory of Ukraine / March 11

"For the victory of the oppressed nation people of Ukraine!

5-Miguel Fuentes from the Battle of Kiev. What Marxism must recover / March 10

"The Ukrainian people are preparing to defend their capital to the last drop of blood! This is what Marxism must recover! Death to the Bourgeoisie! Death to Capital! Death to the Traitors!

6-Miguel Fuentes from the Battle of Kiev. For a new outbreak in Chile / March 10

The leader of Marxist Collapsism speaks out from the trenches of Kiev about the new Boric government: "The Boric government, the mascot of the Concertación, must face a new outburst of the people. The example of the Ukrainian people in arms is an example for Chile!"

7-Miguel Fuentes from the Battle of Kiev. Against feminism / March 8

Marxist-collapsist reference from Kiev on 8 March: "The women's struggle in the Russian or Cuban revolutions had nothing to do with the liberal feminist movement of the third wave. The green scarves do not exist today in Ukraine either".

8-Miguel Fuentes from the Battle of Kiev. Recovering traditions / March 8

Marxist-collapsist reference from Kiev on 8 March: "The socialist struggle for women's equality has been captured by a troop of femi-progressive animals and men in disguise! It must be taken back by violence! Now!"

9-Miguel Fuentes from the Battle of Kiev. Collaborating with the resistance / March 6

Latin American Marxist-collapsist leader Miguel Fuentes, giving his active solidarity to the organising centres of the Ukrainian resistance. For the victory of Ukraine against the invasion!

10-Miguel Fuentes from the Battle of Kiev. Nobody Flees Kiev! / March 4

"Resistance in Kiev. For the total victory of Ukraine and the defeat of the invading troops! Nobody flees Kiev! To stay is to resist! To resist is to triumph! Not even missiles, bombs, artillery shells or invading bullets will achieve their goal: to subjugate a people!"

11-Miguel Fuentes from the Battle of Kiev. Hate against the invasion / March 2

"The hatred against the invasion is widespread. Entire families: mothers, fathers, grandparents, children, helping to make Molotovs. Hundreds of young people with rifles in every neighbourhood. Slava Ukraini!"

12-Miguel Fuentes from the Battle of Kiev. For the military victory of Ukraine / March 2

Message from the Referent of Collapsist Marxism from Kiev: "The Marxist organisations must surround the oppressed People-Nation of Ukraine with solidarity and raise the military victory of the Ukrainian side as the first step of an independent socialist policy".

13-Miguel Fuentes from the Battle of Kiev. Surround Ukraine with solidarity / March 2

Collapsist Marxism from the neighbourhoods in Kiev: "It is necessary to surround the Ukrainian cause with solidarity and to raise the military victory of Ukraine, an oppressed nationality. In the present circumstances, this is the first step of any socialist policy".

14-Miguel Fuentes from the Battle of Kiev. In front of the approaching tanks / March 1

Marxist-collapsist leader in Kiev on the approaching 50-kilometre column of Russian tanks: "50 kilometres of Russian tanks towards Kiev? Nobody here is impressed! The Ukrainian people defeated Hitler!"

15-Miguel Fuentes from the Battle of Kiev. First message from the streets of Kiev / February 27th.

Intellectual Referent of Collapsist Marxism Miguel Fuentes in Kiev sends greetings: "Today in the vicinity of the industrial area of Shuliavska-Beresteiska where a combat against a group of saboteurs took place, I invite you to surround the Ukrainian cause with solidarity".


-Stories, reflections and short stories from the Ukrainian War / Miguel Fuentes (Intellectual reference of "Marxism and Collapse") / (Relevant news attached*)

-Periods prior to March 24 in link:

(-Periodo Abril 11 - Marzo 25) /

1-Possible Russian chemical attack / April 12

2-A whole column of Russian tanks destroyed / April 11

3-The hero of the Volga car / April 11

4-The Last Battle of Mariupol / April 11

5-Life will prevail / April 11

6-Death toll of missile strike at Kramatork railway station / April 10

7-Yes! - Ukraine re-writing the military defence books / April 10

8-Destroyed! - Russian armoured column in the direction of Izyum / April 10

9-Weapons for Ukraine now! / April 10

10-Sweden and Finland to NATO / April 10

11-If the ceramics survive... Ukraine survives / April 10

12-Enemy forces towards Kharkiv! / April 10

13-Kharkiv in danger! / April 10

14-Armoured column approaching Kharkiv / April 10

15-Ukraine Victory! - Ukrainian soldiers with animals / April 10

16-Ukraine hostilities map updated / April 10

17-The memory of the Red Army is with Ukraine / April 10

18-They will resist! / April 10

19-The fiercest battles since the Second World War / April 10

20-The Fury of the Cossacks / April 10

21-Russian and Ukrainian artillery losses so far / April 10

22-The great battles of the east are coming / April 10

23-The Ukrainian Puppy / April 9

24-Inna Afinogenova and Helena Villar's "independent" and "critical" junk journalism / April 9

25-Even Johnson has more presence in Ukraine than "Marxists" / April 9

26-Denazifying? No! They're looting / April 9

27-Civilians are being killed / April 9

28-It has happened, it is happening.... and it will happen again / April 9

29-The moment when the massacre becomes possible / April 9

30-A Masterpiece (The Pianist)... and Ukraine / April 9

31-The Great Eastern Offensive is imminent (4) / April 9

32-The Great Eastern Offensive is imminent (3) / April 9

33-The Great Eastern Offensive is imminent (2) / April 9

34-The Great Eastern Offensive is imminent (1) / April 9

35-Institute for the Study of War - April 8 / April 9

36-The big offensive in the east is a matter of days / April 9

37-Weapons for Ukraine! / April 9

38-At the second major Russian offensive: victory is possible! / April 9

39-Eastern Evacuation / April 9

40-The Kramatorsk Massacre / April 9

41-Atrocities at Borodyanka / April 9

42-Young Patriots / April 9

43-Genocide in Ukraine / April 9

44-Ukrainian military orchestra / April 9

45-Ukrainian War: The Square and the Tower / April 9

46-Massacres in Ukraine! / April 9

47-The children of Bucha / April 9

48-War crimes in Ukraine / April 9

49-Exhumation of bodies in Bucha / April 9

50-All hands on the line of defence! / April 9

51-A heroic people / April 8

52-Institute for the Study of War - April 7 / April 8

53-The diary of Alona (Mariupol) / April 8

54-Borodyanka in ruins / April 8

55-Missile attack on civilian-packed train station / April 8

56-War Crime in Kramatorsk! / April 8

57-Attack on train station in Kramatorsk (eastern Ukraine) / April 8

58-People's Heroes! / April 8

59-The Argentine FIT is rubbish! They betray the Ukrainian people (Material Nuevo PSTU) / April 8

60-Russia begins to admit disaster / April 8

61-Total annihilation at Borodyanka / April 8

62-Living with the Dead / April 8

63-Diplomatic triumph: Russia expelled from the UN Human Rights Council / April 7

64-Russia expelled! / April 7

65-Russia expelled from the UN Human Rights Council / April 7

66-Russian war crimes exposed / April 6

67-Scenes of Incredible Human Suffering / April 6

68-Red Cross - Ukraine / April 6

69-Not by chance (Mariupol) / April 6

70-Poor People (Mariupol) (b) / April 6

71-Poor People (Mariupol) (a) / April 6

72-Chernihiv victorious! / April 6

73-War: the evil onion / April 6

74-Bucha - Ukraine (1942) / April 6

75-Médecins Sans Frontières denounce Russian attacks on hospitals / April 5

76-A Ukrainian tank facing multiple enemies / April 5

77-Enemy tanks disintegrated / April 5

78-Journalist team under artillery fire / April 5

79-The Dream Lives (Mriya) / April 5

80-Free! / April 5

81-Ukraine is being liberated / April 5

82-Victory in Chernihiv! / April 5

83-Art / April 5

84-Yes, she is a bourgeois politician, but.../ April 5

85-Weapons for Ukraine! For defence / April 5

86-Arms for Ukraine now! / April 5

87-The soul of Ukraine remains untouched (... or a photo with multiple meanings) / April 5

88-Magazine De Frente (Chile) lies about the war in Ukraine (b) / April 5

89-Revista De Frente (Chile) lies about the war in Ukraine (a) / April 5

90-Mapuche bravery and the Ukrainian struggle / April 5

91-Dog by his dead master / April 5

92- Let them starve to death! On the workers boycotting the arms shipment / April 4

93-Massacres! / April 4

94-We are peaceful people / April 4

95-Nazi soldiers in pro-Russian armies / April 4

96-Tortured and killed in Bucha / April 4

97-War! This is courage! The Mapuche Struggle and the Ukrainian Struggle / April 4

98-They even killed dogs! / April 4

99-The murdered of Bucha will always be remembered / April 4

100-Mass graves in Bucha. They act just like the Nazis! / April 4

101-Analysis of the problem of fascist groups in Russia and Ukraine / April 4

102-Fled from the Nazis during his childhood... and now he is fleeing from the Russians / April 4

103-Genocide in Mariupol! Her son still hides bread / April 4

104-Murdered without mercy! / April 4

105-Izyum is being completely destroyed / April 4

106-Mass killings in Bucha / April 4

107-Such as the Nazi massacres (Bucha) / April 4

108-The Horrors of Bucha / April 4

109-All dead (Bucha) / April 4

110-Zelensky in Bucha / April 4

111-Odesa attacks / April 4

112-Mass killings in Ukraine / April 4

113-Civilian massacres in Ukraine / April 4

114-Revista De Frente (Chile) with the invaders of the Ukrainian people / April 4

115-Ukraine advances! The territories around Kiev have been liberated! / April 4

116-This is neither good nor correct! / April 4

117-Fascism? / April 4

118-Traitors! / April 4

119-Chernihiv: total destruction / April 4

120-Chernihiv, another city destroyed / April 4

121-Mass rape of Ukrainian women / April 4

122-They destroy everything! / April 4

123-Genocides! / April 4

124-Invading troops are responsible! / April 4

125-Civilian massacres in Bucha! / April 4

126-The destruction of Antonov 255 (Mriya) / April 3

127-Fight! Revenge / April 3

128-Pillagers! / April 3

129-Corpses in Bucha / April 3

130-Russian-Ukrainian negotiations (humour) / April 3

131-They destroyed it! / April 3

132-The "dream" cannot be destroyed! / April 3

133-Antonov 255 / April 3

134-Invaders destroyed noble Mriya / April 3

135-Viva Antonov! / April 3

136-Irpin, the heroic people / April 3

137-Invaders die by the thousands / April 3

138-War Crimes in Bucha / April 3

139-Corpses in the streets of Bucha! / April 3

140-And again... Heroic Zelensky / April 3

141-Marxism and the Jackal / April 2

141-The Marxist tradition needs (again) a mortal enemy / April 2

142-Free! / April 2

143-Liberation. Nearly 30 villages have been liberated in the vicinity of Kiev / April 2

144-They're putting mines in houses and corpses! / April 2

145-Nearly 30 villages liberated! / April 2

146-Another Ukrainian victory in the defence of Kiev / April 2

147-Ukrainian attack on Russian territory (analysis) / April 2

148-Revolution and the LGTB Movement / April 2

149-Marx and Engels and heterosexuality as a "natural norm" / April 2

150-Ukrainian attack on Russian territory! / April 1

151-War crimes in all regions / April 1

152-Ukrainian victory in Sloboda / April 1

153-Ukrainian ambush / April 1

154-Captured! (b) / April 1

155-Captured (a) / April 1

156-Hundreds of Russian vehicles destroyed every week/April 1

157-Russian artillery annihilated / April 1

158-Russian tanks annihilated / April 1

159-The Russian Oligarchs / April 1

160-Russian diplomats / April 1

161-The first attack on Russian territory since the Second World War / April 1

162-More than 17,000 invading soldiers killed! / April 1

163-Attack the Enemy! / April 1

164-Glorious Ukrainian attack on enemy territory / April 1

165-The Ukrainian people need weapons! / April 1

166-Invasion helicopter shot down in Luhansk region / April 1

167-Glorious Ukrainian counter-attack in Russia / April 1

168-Horcas to these traitors! / April 1

169-Mariupol before the war? / April 1

170-Ukrainian dogs collaborating with the resistance / April 1

171-Zelensky is being too compassionate! The traitors to the gallows! / April 1

172-Bloody traitors! / April 1

173-They should be shot! / April 1

174-El Viejo Topo (Spain) defends the invasion of the Russian oligarchs / April 1

175-Spain's millionaire Miguel Riera spreads the lies of the oligarchs / April 1

176-Invaders contaminated by radioactivity at Chernobyl (Now live with it...) / March 31

177-Russian soldiers produce a radioactive cloud at Chernobyl / March 31

178-Stupidity! They dig trenches in the radioactive forest! / March 31

179-Russian troops take "something" from Chernobyl / March 31

180-Imbeciles! They dug trenches in Chernobyl's red forest / March 31

181-Huyen de Chernobyl (b) / March 31

182-181-Huyen from Chernobyl (a) / March 31

183-Russian tanks destroyed and corpses. The Price of Invasion for Russia / March 31

184-The children who loved their city (Mariupol) / March 31

185-Ukrainian raped (b) / March 31

186-Ukrainian raped (a) / March 31

187-Revista De Frente (Chile) spreads Russian oligarchs' lies / March 31

188-Attacks on civilians in Kharkiv (b) / March 31

189-Attacks on civilians in Kharkiv (a) / March 31

190-Residential building destroyed in Kharkiv / March 31

191-Civilians killed in humanitarian aid centres / March 31

192-Kharkiv, heroic city / March 31

193-Shevchenko Resists! Kharkiv Resists! Ukraine Resists! / March 31

194-Thousands of homes destroyed in Kharkiv / March 31

195-The Ukrainian woman who declared an "information war" on the invaders (b) / March 31

196-The Ukrainian woman who declared an "information war" on the invaders (a) / March 31

197-Destruction in Kharkiv (e) / March 31

198-Destruction in Kharkiv (d) / March 31

199-Destruction in Kharkiv (c) / March 31

200-Destruction in Kharkiv (b) / March 31

201-Destruction in Kharkiv (a) / March 31

202-Shame on you! The invaders cannot conquer Mariupol by themselves! / March 30

203-Syrian mercenaries / March 30

204-Neither feminism nor the pro-green academy is seen in this battle / March 30

205-Chernihiv bombing intensifies despite withdrawal around Kiev / March 30

206-The People to Battle! The way of struggle in the collapse! / March 30

207-Arms for the people (c) / March 30

208-Arms for the people (b) / March 30

209-Weapons for the people (a) / March 30

210-On ultra-right groups in Russia and Ukraine (LIT-CI material) / March 30

211-A total cut-off of Russian gas to Europe? / March 30

212-Ukrainian counter-attack on Russian territory? (d) / March 30

213-Ukrainian counter-attack on Russian territory? (c) / March 30

214-Ukrainian counter-attack on Russian territory? (b) / March 30

215-Ukrainian counter-attack on Russian territory? (a) / March 30

216-Heroic Ukrainian victory at Voznesensk / March 29

217-No fascists! No Nazis! It is the dignified people of Ukraine! / March 28

218-It's the Ukrainian people! / March 28

219-The point at which to kill or be killed / March 28

220-They shall not pass! / March 28

221-The Ukrainian people crushing the looters / March 28

222-The looters have been crushed! / March 28

223-The Ukrainian people in arms on the march / March 28

224-Revista De Frente (Chile): Pro-invasion trash analysis / March 28th

225-China and Russia: between respect and confrontation / March 28

226-Korean Scenario? / March 28

227-Humour or reality? Both / March 27

228-Another weapon for the resistance / March 27th

229-Ukraine reminds us of what Marxism once was / March 27

230-Ukraine: Lessons for the class struggle and the struggle of all the peoples of the world / March 27

231-Ukraine: a struggle in the face of destiny! / March 27

232-Politics in Ukraine has risen to a higher level / March 27

233-Stay here... or die here / March 27

234-Ukraine resist! / March 27

235-Fatherland, duty and sacrifice / March 27

236-The first month of the war / March 26

237-Generals are still dying / March 26

238-Russia's new politico-military goals after the defeat in Kiev / March 26

239-Russia's "strategic setback" in the Ukrainian war / March 26

240-Nuclear threats / March 26

241-Russian fiasco (minute 46) / March 26

242-Ukraine: land of religions, war and mysticism / March 26

243-The Kiev Catacombs / March 26th

244-Shooting of civilians in Kherson / March 26

245-Sinned people buying bread / March 26

246-Whole family killed / March 26

247-Father and dogs killed / March 26

248-Grandparents' couple killed / March 26

249-Stories from the Ukrainian War (1) / March 26

250-No Retreat! No Surrender! / March 25


-Some outstanding debates and materials by Miguel Fuentes (Marxism and Collapse)

1-Debate Noam Chomsky - Miguel Fuentes - Guy McPherson

"Climate Catastrophe, Collapse, Democracy and Socialism".


2-Debate Michael Lowy - Miguel Fuentes - Antonio Turiel - Jaime Vindel - Jorge Altamira - Paul Walder

"Ecosocialism, Degrowth and Collapsive Marxism. A Polemic with Michael Lowy".


3-Article Intellectuals, Ecological Crisis and Collapse (I)

"Intellectuals, Ecological Crisis and Collapse (I) - Argentine Trotskyism and the Chilean Broad Front".


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