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War Essay for the Victory of the Ukrainian People and in Solidarity with the Mapuche Struggle

Updated: 24 Jul

Marxism and Collapse - Readings - Declarations

For the Victory of the Ukrainian People against Invasion!

Solidarity with the struggle of the Mapuche Nation-People against the Chilean State and for their right to national self-determination!

-Documento: "Ensayo de guerra por la victoria del pueblo ucraniano y en solidaridad con la lucha mapuche" (Miguel Fuentes, 2022)

-Enlace (1):

-Enlace (2):


Weapons for Ukraine!

From all origins!

Long live the Ukrainian counter-offensive for the liberation of Kherson, Melitopol and all the territories occupied by the Russian imperial state!

For the right to national self-determination of the Mapuche people!

Against Boric's neoliberal and repressive government!

For the immediate release of Hector and Ernesto Llaitul, leaders of CAM!


1-Other materials (Chile):

-Before the Plebiscite of September 4 in Chile: Vote Null

-Fora Second Outburst of the People and a true Popular Constituent Assembly

2-Other materials (Ukraine):

-Ukrainian War (August): At the Procession of Russian Humiliation in Kiev.

-Ukrainian War (February-April): Miguel Fuentes during the Battle of Kiev (1)

-Ukrainian War (February-April): Miguel Fuentes during the Battle of Kiev (2)

3-Other materials (Planetary Ecological Cataclysm):

-Debate"Ecological Catastrophe, Collapse, Democracy and Socialism" between Noam Chomsky, Miguel Fuentes and Guy McPherson (Part One)

-Article by John Bellamy Foster "Be moderate...we just want THE EARTH".

-Planetary cataclysm! The 420 ppm atmospheric CO2 barrier is exceeded!

4-Other materials (Marxism, Climate Change and Collapse):

-Socialism and Civilizational Collapse: the Revolution before the abyss!

-Collapsarian Marxism versus Trotskyism

-Brief Introduction to Collapsist Marxism

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